Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Work Tote Bag

I created for myself this tote to carry to work because I wanted a unique and useful bag that could fit all my work supplies: umbrella, lunch, book to read, train ticket and about a million tissues. I wanted to use my favourite colours: the earthy reds and greeny blues.

I also wanted to include a signature face. The face is actually really challenging to develop in your craft. I wanted a face that was simple, but attractive, repeatable but capable to be made individual to each character, and pleasant but expressive. I think I have achieved this. I decided on felt for the fabric as felt gives such a smooth surface and neat edge. The eyes and nose are black for simplicity but there is a twinkle of ivory in the eyes. The eyes are large and almond shaped with simple lashes. The nose is as minimal as possible but gives the face perspective. The mouth is ruby and just two shaped lines. The face shape is a heart.

Developing the face took a lot of practice but once it appears you just fall in love. I hope to continue my love affair with this face over many craft projects to come.

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