Saturday, April 5, 2008

Babushka Dolls

I, like many people, have a fascination for Babushka dolls.
Also known as Matryoshka, a word derived from the Latin Mater or mother, the nesting dolls are usually imagined to have originated in Russia although there is some speculation that the idea may have come from Chinese nesting boxes.
But whatever the origin, these dolls are warm lovely and familiar. Their decoration is usually of a robust friendly peasant woman with an apron and scarf around her head. The Babushka dolls are normally a set of 5 or more dolls and are usually painted and varnished wood.
I became enthralled by the lovely Babushka some years ago when I got one from a craft fair, and I have found myself returning to the motif in my craft on a regular basis ever since. I have created a range of Babushka style plush dolls in patchwork cottons with individual felt faces. Previously I have experiemented with the motif on bags, table runners and felt. Here are some of the pictures of the Babushka ladies I have created over the past few months. More can be seen at my Etsy shop.

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