Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Craft tutorial and Free Pattern - Recycle Jeans for Apron

This is the second of my E-Patterns. With this pattern you can turn two pairs of old jeans into a snazzy new apron just right for cooking, craft, or just making a talking point at barbeques. The apron is created using two pairs of jeans - you need three back pockets, one for the bib and the other two from the base section. I've used two old maternity jeans pairs from my sister.

To begin, cut one pair of jeans in half - front from back. be careful to retain the outer side seams (the double stitched one)as a long strip about 1cm wide and as long as the jeans as these lengths are used to form the ties at the neck and the waist. Cut the bib section by centring the pocket as much as possible. My bib was cut 25cm wide and 34cm in length. Stitch the sides of this down in a straight seam with 7mm seam allowance. Sew down the top seam. I've shaped mine a little to a wave shape but you could also sew this straight.

To form the bottom section, again seperate the second pair of jeans fronts from backs and again save the side seams. Now take the crotch seam and open it up around 15cm or until the panel becomes flat with a missing triangle in the middle. Then sew along this crotch seam to flatten it out. The two bits of the old crotch seam will overlap and you can trim the excess off the back. You can work out how long you want this bottom panel to be. The original waist will still be at your waist and you don't need to cut this off in any way as you just sew the bib behind it. the final length for mine is down to my knees (53cm from waist to knee). You don't need to turn under any edges of this base if you want the same fringed look as mine. The missing triangle can now be cut from you leftover jeans bits and you can just overlap the sections to sew as the unfinished edge becomes fringed when washed. To finish the edge of the bottom section I have used a length of decorative cord straight stitched on but you can use any ribbon or trim you like. To make the ties, take those side seams you retained and measure a length in one or two pieces for the neck (mine is 60cm long). Just stitch the ends of this section to the back of the bib top edge.
The waist straps are again cut from the edges and stitched on behind the waistband (mine are 65cm each). I have turned up the very ends of the ties but you could also tie knots.

To get the fringed look, wash the apron in a load with a tennis ball or something rough. Then dry in the drier. The more times this is done the more fringed it gets.

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