Monday, April 28, 2008

Craft tutorial and Free Pattern - Recycle T-Shirts as a Doona Cover

Here is a pattern for a fabulous way to recycle your old T-Shirt collection. The T-shirts are reborn as a great new doona cover for your bed. That way you can enjoy the prints from your favourite old T-Shirts every night as you go to sleep. With enough shirts you can do a reversible cover that allows you two looks from one doona cover. My husband loves this project - there is less storage space used for something you can't part with, the beloved prints are where they can be seen regularly, and this doona cover is soft and comfy from all the washing the shirts have already had.

Materials: 25 large t-shirts (you need to be able to get a panel out of the front and the back that each measure 48cm * 50cm)
1.2 metre length of clip tape (like you find on children's clothes)

Cut a template 48cm * 50cm square from paper. Use this template to fussy cut 50 panels from the front and backs of the 25 T-shirts. Pin together ten strips of five squares right sides together and use your overlocker to join the squares (1.5cm seam allowances). Make sure the prints are all facing the same direction and facing upwards. Now join 5 strips together to form two large squares. Join the two squares right sides together along three sides leaving bottom open. Pin the strip of clip tape to each side of the middle of the bottom seam of the doona cover. Attach the clip tape and use your sewing machine to complete the bottom seam. Turn through the cover and put in your doona. My finished doona cover measures 212cm by 202cm.

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