Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My New Too Cute Teddy Backpack

I have just finished my fabulous new backpack design. The backpack features a magnetic clip closure and a top flap secured with a decorative loop and button. There are three pockets: two on the inside with button down flaps and one on the outside at the back. The straps feature an elastic insert to allow you to put on the back pack easily while not needing adjustments. The pack also features a small carry handle at the top.

The Too Cute Teddy Backpack is created from 100% cotton and corduroy fabrics sourced from fully cleaned vintage sources, and finished with a variety of machine embroidery, applique, and buttons.

The Too Cute Teddy design I have created is inspired by a friend of mine who loves cute things and bells. The design is completed in felt that has been machine stitched onto the bag and embellished with bells and ribbons.

The backpack is fully lined in the same three strips as the outside and the inside pockets are red corduroy.

This backpack is 37cm (14 1/2 inches)tall and 32cm (12 1/2 inches) wide. The pockets each are around 13cm (5 inches)square. The straps are 67cm (26 1/2 inches)long.

I am very pleased with the design in the following ways: it is earth friendly because the fabrics are recycled and this reduces landfill; it is clever because the design is neat and not homemade looking and uses parts of the original garments; and it is bold and bright but also great for matching with your wardrobe - after all it is created from clothing. I just hope my friend loves it as much as I.

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Twinkle Star Art said...

Cute backpack! Welcome to our BrisStyle group. I have added your blog link to my Brisstylette blogs on my blog page. Cheers, Amanda :-)