Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rescue Barbie Hair

I have been recently combing charity stores and my daughter has been accompanying me. I have been looking for items to use for my market stall while she is expanding her collection of pre-loved Barbie dolls (about 15 to date). We love the atmosphere and the thrill of never knowing what treasure you will find. But I have got one bug bear that I must share - the number of Barbies with bad haircuts. It seems a tragedy to me that these dolls end up with matted thatches or crew cuts. I prefer to rescue the Barbies and reinstate their lovely locks. My treatment works. After a thorough body clean and sponge off of the hair (not immersing the hair in water) I apply leave in hair moisteriser (my favourite is Pantene Pro-V Leave In Hair Moisteriser) from tip to root and brush using a dolly brush (not people brush) again from tip to root. The result is lovely refreshed hair full of shine and knot free. I have tried it on Barbies' as old as 35 years and it works a treat. Just check out the pictures of Princess Jasmine (not a Barbie I know but her hair was so bad - it even had the original plastic crown matted into the heair and broken down by UV) I have included two before and two after pictures.

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