Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mighty Market Roundup

At last after a hectic couple of days I have the time to consider the simply sensational Christmas market I participated in as part of the Brisstyle team at Hamilton Town Hall on Saturday the 13 December.

I was blown away by the number of people that came along and their appreciation of handmade items. We had a marvelous turnout of stall holders selling bags, dolls, jewellery, designer baby wear and baby goods, retro ephemera, OOAC art works and prints, fun stuff, food, and so much more. Our team is so talented with all the work being of great quality and diversity and all at the cutting edge of the nouvelle craft scene. The patrons really saw the value in it and it made me feel really proud as a creater of craft items to see appreciation from my audience.

We had a wonderful atmosphere, with people milling about in the courtyard chatting and comparing purchases. there was music, kids playing, and great eats. Even in the sweltering Brisbane summer the vibe was still fantastic.

As for my stall, I was so pleased and humbled to sell so much of my work. My paper doll selection is now sadly (or not sadly) depleted as I sold many of my lovely ladies to new hopefully happy homes. I also got some great and useful feedback that will help me develop my range further and take packaging and the whole concept to the next level. I was very pleased with my stall layout and position and it was so wonderful to be so near to people to be able to engage them even if they were just browsing.

As for the Brisstyle team, it was fantastic to put faces to the names after talking online for so long. It turns out everyone is as nice in real life as they appear in print and by having so many supportive people around me it was possible to handle the days length and heat and still be smiling at the end. It was also great to be able to buy from sellers whose work you have admired for a long time and to also see how their work is developing.

In all this is by far the best and most fun market I have ever been involved in.


Hot Fudge said...

Your post brings back such happy memories of last Saturday, Sharlene. I loved seeing your beautiful paper dolls in person so to speak - you are certainly a very talented artist!

Ali said...

Your stall looked lovely Sharlene! And I'm so glad your lovely ladies found new homes (they really are quite gorgeous ... and fun!)
What a great market!

REread said...

Ah ... another bright spark who thought to photograph the day ... great photos ... it was a really good day :)

Kitty Boo Boo said...

I loved seeing and touching all your stock "in the real" - good to meet you too! Must say I really want one of those owly pouches from you too!

Twinkle Star Art said...

I love the style you have developed. I remember briefly talking to you about it on the day. Your stall looked fantastic too. It was great fun meeting all the BrisStylettes and seeing their creations in real life.

Hey Harriet said...

Great post Sharlene. It certainly was a fantastic day! Your stall looked gorgeous & it was wonderful to see your sweet paper dolls up close! It was also lovely to meet you on the day!

Cheers Tracy :)

Chrisy said...

Great post and sounds like a great market...stall looks very professional...and I do love your dolls!

Bec said...

What a great post - you've really captured the mood of the day. Your stall looked fantastic - and I can totally see why you sold so much stuff. Everyone who sees my little peggy rudolf on the Christmas tree remarks on it. It's so original and SO cute. Thanks so much!!! Cheers, BecX