Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Welcome to the New Year. I hope your holidays were fabulous. For me I finally had time to play with a few ideas.

For a new year I have been working on a new range of dolls. The design is pure Babushka but with a twist - arms to move and a reversible handbag to shop with. The faces are slightly different as she is more about folk style.

Babushka's have been everywhere recently, and I thought it was time to develop my own. But because I have been watching a lot of Married With Children over the holidays they have developed a Peggy Bundy-esque feel. And because Peggy could shop at the Olympic level I felt a reversible removable handbag was necessary
Don't you love the creative process and where it takes you.
Can't wait for the next one to appear.


edward and lilly said...

How fabulous, I love the reversible bag.

My sister gave me one of your mobile phone pouches for Christmas and I absolutely love it, it's the handiest little thing!

my5bratz said...

your creations are absolutely amazing!