Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fairy Tale Paper Doll Set

This great new set is a fantastic play set for those young at heart (it’s really too complex for young children).

I have designed a paper doll set you simply cut out and join together with brads following my instructions to create simply gorgeous paper dolls. Their sensational clothes are all created from collaged images sources from retro childhood images and decorative papers. The paper doll faces are hand drawn and coloured by me and as such are unique.

On the sheets are parts to make one doll body with five different heads, six dresses, two shirts, two skirts, two sets of gloves and seven pairs of shoes (– which gives you literally dozens of combinations! ) as well as a fabulous envelope to store your paper doll pieces that has been created from a print of a collaged sheet and a length of ribbon to secure the envelope. All you will need to have is sharp small scissors and a cutting blade or scalpel.

The finished doll height is 25cm tall (that's around 9 inches).

Each Fairy Tale Paper Doll Set is sold and shipped in my unique packaging and you could even use the label for a bookmark!


Hot Fudge said...

How clever is this. I can see me spending a quiet Saturday afternoon playing with the dolls. Very addictive!

Jetta's Nest said...

These are gorgeous! I think playing with your dolls would become quite addictive (snap Hot Fudge!)

Clutch That! said...

Looking at these dolls reminds me of my childhood and the time I spent playing with them. These are terrific!