Friday, February 6, 2009

A New Paper Doll 1 - The Face

I feel it is time to create a fresh new doll - an evolution from the previous paper dolls I have done. I want the doll to remain jointed, but I also want the doll to be able to be dressed up. I want to include some wonderful found images from old childrens books and I want a nostagic feel.

Sounds like a lot to combine.

I am going to share the paper dolls evolution starting with the face. I am using the face image that has followed all my work. The face is drawn in pen and then coloured with pencil and ink. The hair is from different paper sources.

Here are the first few head images.


Hot Fudge said...

How exciting. I love the heads and now look forward to seeing the completed project.

REread said...

nice new doll heads !!

Bec said...

These are beautiful :)