Saturday, February 7, 2009

A New Paper Doll 2 - Building a Body

I feel a little bit like Michaelangelo, a little bit like Dr Frankenstein and probably a lot like Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada". I am building a body for my new doll and it's a lot to think about.

What do you think of her!

I wanted her to be strong but long and lean(so that she can be dressed of course). That is a bit of a trade off. She must be demure but capable of carrying off fun looks. And she needs to be able to be posed.

I am quite happy with her. I've gone with a vintage paper to keep with the nostalgia theme and sepia ink.

While you are here, enjoy a dose of the Good Ship Lollipop with this retro Shirley Temple Paper Doll. She was created by Loraine Morris in 1989 and featured in National Doll World December 1989.
Did you know Shirley's full name was Shirley Jane Temple and that in Depression ruined 1935 she was earning $4,000 USD per week?
She won a special oscar in 1935 that was made miniature just for her.
And she could sing and dance as well!


Chrisy said...

I like ur new doll...yes she looks ligthe but strong...altho i still like ur older shape as's quirky...i bought one off u ages ago...with a map on it...showing toowoomba where i used to live..and it still gets lots of comments from visitors...

Jetta's Nest said...

I like her a lot. She's definately strong and lean looking. Her legs are just perfect and I particularly am fond of the curve of her calves :)