Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Sewing Space Exposed (Quite Shocking, May Need Warning)

Recently members of the Brisstyle Street Team have been blogging to share their work space. I have been amazed and astonished by the clean organised spaces on show. I have told people that I may not be quite this organised in my space. They did not believe it. So here is the evidence.

On show are some of the highlights of the workspace including the cutting and design centre (that's the floor really - its the only bit you can see a surface for and it doubles as a play area). I also have a carefully thought out filing system based on Mother Natures model . I like to call it sedimentary storage. You just keep piling stuff on top of other stuff until the weight on top squishes what is underneath. In the shot above you can see my dress dummy. She carefully camoflaged by my daughter to survive the dangers of my sewing space.

You can actually see my sewing machine in the shot below. Look carefully it is under the sewing machine cover (handmade in a moment of trying to get organised). I do also have an overlocker but I could not sight it. I may have to get the model with the built in GPS next time!

Below is actually my cutting table and I even bought a table that can be tilted up for drawing at. Like it will ever leave the vertical state! I think if I did try and clear it and then attempt to adjust the angle of the top, I would have WWO Wildlife Warriers turn up to rescue the spider colonies that have evolved in isolation beneath the surface.
I find that you can do you best art at the kitchen table anyway. The sewing room must be left to another day (or week possibly) when I feel stronger. I may have to go into training to build up to the cleaning job.


Sally said...

woweeeeeee Sharlene
its amazing that you produce your amazing intricate works ... am about to post my workspace, which also proves that creative peopel can work anywhere

Ali said...

holey moley Sharlene! thanks for being brave and sharing your wonderfully 'busy' working space!
By the way, I like your new 'hero' dolls Mr Spaceman is great!

Chrisy said...

Loved your amusing commentary! This is a fab post for the majority of crafters out there whose work space is untidy most of the time...you've included useful lingo for them to use - the sedimentary storage theory is ingenious...and invaluable strategies - the use of the floor as a cutting and design centre...the use of the dining table until strong enough to tackle the cleaning...together with strategies for building resilience in children...bravo!

Hot Fudge said...

At last - someone worthy of competition. How brave to allow your daughter to venture into your inner sanctum. When my grandchildren come to visit, the door is shut, otherwise they would be lost forever.

I take my hat off to you - a true master.

Benita said...

Just as bad as mine, so we can now move forward knowing there is a beaten path that prides itself on a 'relaxed' style of craft organisation. Very organic!

Anonymous said...

Te-he-he! Your post is soooo funny ;D

Your studio is proof that 'messy creatives' produce brilliant work!

My housework has been my lowest priority since juggling kids and art. I don't see much point in tidying up when the kids just make it messy again. Life's too short to be cleaning when you COULD be creating ;)

Kitty Boo Boo said...

oh Sharlz I love you even more ... I will take some pics of my sewing room tomorrow and blog that disaster zone ... I love that you think all the best art is done at the kitchen table ... I am a total believer of that too ... maybe if my sewing room was a workable zone I could produce some cool stuff there too?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your 'real' workspace with us all. I couldn't possibly share mine just right now. Actually, my workspace now spans two rooms. One for sewing and one for packing/sending and blogging.

I will get up the nerve one day to just point and shoot and post onto blog!!!!!

x Catherine

Jan Allsopp said...

Tragically familiar!