Friday, April 27, 2012

Expanding on an idea craftily - Carnival doll face brooch

I have been fascinated by Kewpie style carnival dolls now for about a year and have found many ways to explore this design (see my previous post - " One of my favourite doll stitcheries featured in Creating Country Threads Vol 12 No 1").

I have also wanted to make some embroidered brooches for some time and so I decided to combine the doll face design with a brooch.  The design is very simple and clean which I love and has a timeless quality about it. 

The ribbon frill is a nice counterpoint to the cotton fabric and is very collar-like which is the effect I wanted. It feels a bit like a circus performers collar.

The brooch  design came together really well and I was so pleased I have made it up for my Etsy store.

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