Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Little maids all in a row carnival doll bunting and science in Antartica

What does my new strip of carnival doll bunting have to do with science in Antartica? I shall explain.

I have just finished some bunting I have been planning for a while, made out of a tester strip of my Carnival doll fabric and using some backing fabric sourced from an op-shop.  The doll images are lined up front and  then back just like a set of cut out paper dolls on the bunting panels.  The colours work well with the backing fabric and it was a fun and quick project, just the way I like them.

And now the explanation about Antartica.

Friends of my parents have a daughter who as we speak is serving a 12 month stint in the science base in Antartica. When at home in Australia, she is keen on op-shopping for fabric.  As she is away for a year, she culled her stash, and part came to me.  So by a very long bow, my Carnival doll bunting is related to science in Antartica - easy!

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