Monday, April 2, 2012

My ATC Collection 1 - Gumnut Babies and Alice in Wonderland

These Artist Trading Card's are the first photos from my collection. 

One group of ATC's is a series about Alice in Wonderland, using images from an op-shop children's book.  This book was excellent with beautiful and lively pictures. I think it was from the 1970's.

The other group is all about May Gibbs' Gumnut Babies, a wonderful classic story with
amazing art.


All the ATC's are my own creations and I have created the ATC's following a couple of rules: 
  1. They are all made on playing cards I have sourced from op-shops
  2. I have tried to include text, images and where ever possible something you can "touch"
  3. They have to include at least some recycled elements
  4. I could not buy new materials, just use things in my stash 

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