Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One of my favourite doll stitcheries featured in Creating Country Threads Vol 12 No 11

This months Creating Country Threads magazine (vol 12 no 11) features my pattern design Vintage Toy Chest, a set of four stitcheries all about vintage toys.  There is a clown, two tin-style robots, and a kewpie-style doll.  

This doll is one of my particular favourite stitchery designs and really shows the development of a design in my craft.

Initially I started with a full body carnival style doll design (sans clothing), so that I could then dress the figure.  The first design, however, did not look quite right when sewn (not quite full enough) and filled, and did not really lend itself to clothing.  The design works well on bunting however (I have it in my Etsy shop in this form).


I then redesigned the figure to be dressed and a little fuller (that way the proportions work better when filling).  This is the version that became part of the the Vintage Toy Chest.  I also played with colour and the number of threads used in the rendering.

She was so lovely, however, I felt I could improve her by making her double-sided.  I experimented with her by creating a version that could be printed on fabric.  I used Spoonflower.  I really love the results (these are the soft dolls also featured in my Etsy store where you can see both sides and different sizes and facial versions explored as well).

So one idea, grew to many variations.

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