Thursday, May 24, 2012

My stitchery pattern Gentleman Caller featured in this months Patchwork and Stitching Magazine

 I was delighted to see my stitchery pattern "Gentleman Caller" featured in Patchwork and Stitching magazine Vol 13 No 3.  This stitchery was fun for me to create.  I was heavily influenced by Jane Austen's novels while I was designing it.  I was imagining the part of the Pride and Prejudice story where Mr Darcy first calls on Lizzie and wondering if he would have got a better answer from her at that time if he had presented a flower instead.  The cute little bird stitchery seemed a good way to interpret the character and making something that I use all the time - a pincushion and needle case, seemed a good way to enjoy the idea all the time.

Now, when I stitch I can contemplate one of my favourite stories while enjoying my stitching.

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