Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fossil Dig - Lovely finishes on my ceramics thanks to Mother Nature

 I have been busy in the garden recently, cleaning out the weed beds.  I amongst my plants, I exposed some of my ceramic creations created about a decade ago, and I wanted to share the wonderful surfaces.


The ceramics created were for my Tafe graduation exhibition and were based on fossil forms.  While creating the surfaces on these forms I wanted a weathered, natural look to the works.  I ended up Saggar firing to get blushes of colour.  But the surface was never quite right.


I buried the pieces in the garden and time and Mother Nature have done the rest.  The surfaces are finally what I wanted to achieve.  The colours, the textural elements are brilliant.  Turns out to get the right finish I only needed to hand in my pieces 10 years late!

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