Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy potato plants and snoozing garden beds

At last, after a couple of months hard work, my garden beds are actually looking garden bed shaped and I am seeing happy potato plants all coming through.  They are just like Peter Cundall from Gardening Australia promised when I read his magazine.

I have only a couple of scary shots of the before of my ex-jungle in my back yard, but much work had to be done before I could even find the garden beds.  It turns out after clearing, we even had some flowers growing in there (which I've left to add colour).

I've newspapered, mulched and put the back garden bed to sleep now until autumn where hopefully, I'll get some lovely winter veges in. 


The front garden now is showing the big happy potato plants instead of a nasty case of Singapore Daisy infestation.  I am hanging out to harvest these, my first crop.

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