Sunday, December 30, 2012

Country Threads Stitchery to feel good about

 This month's Country Threads (volume 13 No 8) features a stitchery project of mine - "The Rainbows of Life follow the Storm".


This stitchery was inspired by these simple words - a reflection of how growing things get brighter, fresher, and burst with life after a storm.


This year has been a challenging one for myself and many family and friends, and I created this stitchery as a reminder to look forward to the future good that may come. It was lovely to make and the time spent stitching was full of quality contemplating time.

And as I look out the window, there could be a storm on the horizon for tonight.  I have finished the last bits of our new vegetable garden bed this afternoon and our new tank is now 2/3rds full.  I'll plant my first vegetables tomorrow and see how this new year makes rainbows grow.

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