Monday, December 10, 2012

My first Handmade Magazine pattern - Pyjama Doll

I was delighted to open my copy of this month's Handmade Magazine (Vol 30 No 12) and find my first ever project in its lovely pages. 

This is quite an exciting event for me as Handmade magazine was the first craft magazine I ever got and I have been reading and collecting them for many years.  They were and still are and wonderful source of inspiration to me, with so many projects that I have made from here over the past couple of decades. This magazine got me into reading more, like Creating Country Threads and Patchwork and Stitching, and I finally worked up enough courage to submit my first article last year.  Now I've have over 22 articles published.  It's good to be added to the collection of contributors.

The pattern featured is of a Pyjama doll.  I made two of this design and gave one to my niece Gemma who was very taken with it.  She will be even happier to see her doll featured in this magazine, as she always borrows it from the library for my sister, her mum, to make her projects.  That's good work for someone only five!

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