Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vintage Doctor Who treats found while spring cleaning. Real time travel!

 I have found some fun Doctor Who collectables while spring cleaning. 

I think most came from the Brisbane Ekka in the late 1970's (the manufacturing date says 1978 on a couple) and most are from the Doctor Who themed showbag of that year. 
There was a great (and surely hours of fun for the whole family) board game "Escape from the Underworld", some highly suspicious invisible ink (still full of who knows what after all this time - its better not to ask), a very "complex" jigsaw set to test your powers of deduction, as well as the obligatory badge.


I found a 25th anniversary postage souv. That's almost 25 years old now.


I also found a nice mouse pad featuring the "Cloven Hoof"  - the pub from the Jon Pertwee story "The Daemons".  Its even signed by Katy Manning.
I also found part of a continuing comic strip of the 4th Doctor and Sarah.


My favourite items are the ice cream packaging for the Streets Doctor Who ice cream.  I could find two of the stencils and I know they were much used at the time.  For some reason the collector in my husband didn't keep one of the actual ice creams - how disappointing!


This find caused much reminiscing - that's the best kind of time travel.

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ABM said...

You cant keep ice cream for 30 years you know...