Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oven Mitt Fashionista

I am not fond of time spent in my kitchen.  Anything that can make it more fun for me is a welcome distraction. 

Recently I wanted a new oven mitt to replace the threadbare one I have used for over a decade.  I went searching in the stores and they were all cheap and thin.  That wasn't going to protect my delicate little pinkies!

Then I remembered I AM A SEWER.  Why not create my own.  And if I am going to do it right, why not create an oven mitt with attitude.  This is the results - a horror movie print wonder.
I love it and its strangely in keeping with the level of skills I show in the kitchen. 


I liked it so much I have just finished one for my mum for my birthday featuring her favourite Egyptian theme. 

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