Monday, June 17, 2013

Whispers and puzzles - Articles in Country Threads and Patchwork and Stitching

I have been lucky enough to be featured in several craft publications this month.  The first is Country Threads Vol 14 No 2 where my Honey Puzzle project is featured.

With this design I wanted to explore the simple charm of bees and their wonderful design for their honeycombs.  They are a clever dedicated and valuable insect and I am fortunate enough to have a native beehive in my front year where I regularly view their industry.  Native bees are the best pets you could ever want.  They take care of themselves, they do not sting, and they help your garden grow!

This month in Australian Patchwork and Stitching magazine (vol 14 no 5), I have been fortunate enough to have two of my projects featured. 

The first is "Listen to the Whispers of your dreams".  Its an inspirational pillow I made for my grandmother.  I thought the sentiment behind the words was an uplifting one.  We often go through life ignoring our dreams in favour of the day to day dreary needs and sometimes it's worthwhile stopping and taking stock of what your dreams are trying to tell you - whether its a change of job, a new hobby, or simply more you time.

The other project is Flutterby, a simple and cute butterfly wall hanging.  I like things that fly. They remind me to again contemplate breaking free and soaring to new possibilities. With flutterby I wanted to capture the gentle quiet beauty of the butterfly in flight.

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