Saturday, February 15, 2014

Free craft project: Whotastic Egg Garments 1 - 11th Doctor Egg Cozy

Leading up to the chocolate munching holiday season, I want to create a series of Dr Who themed egg cozies.  I thought I would start with No 11 since he was so much fun. The design features a fez, the wonderful wave of fringe, and of course a bow tie on the front and his favourite saying "Geronimo!" on the reverse.  Here is my instructions for the Matt Smith's Dr Who Egg Cozy.


  • 1 sheet of felt in each of the te following colours: flesh, red, chocolate brown, coffee, and pale blue.
  • Embroidery thread: DMC dark blue 823, DMC red 817, DMC Blanc, DMC chocolate brown 838, and DMC coffee 3863
  • Small scrap fusible webbing
  • HB pencil
  • matching sewing thread
  • embroidery needle

  • Print out the template sheet (A4 size) and cut out each of the shapes from the paper to use as templates.
  • Use the egg cup outline template to trace onto the flesh coloured felt once and onto the pale blue felt once.
  • Use the fez template to trace twice onto the red felt (tip I have backed these shapes with a small scrap of iron on interfacing to make it more sturdy).
  • Using the fusible webbing, trace the shapes of the hair (in reverse), the bowtie, and the jacket onto the paper side of the webbing.  Roughly cut out each shape from the webbing (ie NOT on the pencil line). 
  • Iron the bowtie webbing shape onto the red felt.  Iron the hair webbing shape onto the chocolate felt and iron the jacket webbing shape onto the coffee coloured felt.
  • Neatly cut out each of these shapes on the pencil line. Sharp scissors are helpful.
  • Using the pattern sheet as a guide, position and then line into place first the jacket and then the hair and bowtie to the egg cozy front. Mark the centre lines onto the bowtie.
  •  Blanket stitch around the shapes in two strand of embroidery thread as follows: DMC 817 around the bowtie, DMC 3863 on the top edge of the jacket, DMC 838 on the bottom edge of the hair. Set the cozy front aside.
  • Using the wording from the pattern sheet, hold the pale blue cozy piece to a bright window or lightbox and transfer the writing using a sharp HB pencil.
  • Complete the stitchery of the wording using 2 strands of DMC 823 in backstitch.  Complete the small star using DMC Blanc in backstitch.  Set the back aside.
  • Using the pattern sheet as a guide, position and pin the felt fez to the front of the egg cozy. Use matching red machine thread and a small stitch length to attach the bottom edge of the fez in position. Using the completed egg cozy front as a guide, line up the egg cozy back and fez back.  
  • Position and pin the fez back.  Use matching red machine thread and a small stitch length to attach the bottom edge of the fez in position.
  • Line up the egg cozy front and back wrong sides together. Match the seams.  Stitch around the sides and top of the fez using matching red thread.
  • Using matching cream thread and brown thread on the front and blue thread in the bobbin, stitch around the remaining sides of the egg cozy.

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