Saturday, April 19, 2014

Quick Make Envelopes from wrapping paper - Dress up Gift Giving and Stationery


I struggle with attractive gift presentation ideas.  I wanted a nice and inexpensive way to present a gift card.  I have some Spoonflower printed wrapping paper of some of my Dr Who inspired sketches and the weight of the paper is lovely. I thought about whipping up a quick envelope from the gift wrap with matching mini-card.

To make the envelope, I measured the size of the main motif on the wrapping paper (11.5cm square).  This size will be the front of the gift envelope and I made the card around this size. I just added 2cm to each side and used the 1/3rd - 2/3rds rule for the top and bottom flaps.  I have attached the template but feel free to adjust to the paper being used. I rounded the edges of the envelope corners.


I scored and folded the envelope along the side flaps and top and bottom and secured the side flaps to the bottom using a couple of lengths of double sided tape.  A glue stick would also work.

I made a matching mini card by cutting a couple of the motifs from the wrapping paper and folding in half.  A mini hole punch in the corner and a length of ribbon finished the card.

The total use of wrapping paper was only around an A4 size and the envelope was perfect for the gift.

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