Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fabric Storage Make-Over

After the fabric make-over

Before the fabric Make-over
Like most avid sewers I have a problem - the control of my fabric stash.  It creeps and grows and expands like a tin of space filler.  This week I had enough of not being able to find anything in the overcrowded and underlit space.  As you can see from my before photo the fabric was wedged in bedroom built-ins with no space and no way to see what is at the back.  Apart from the cupboard I also had 2 laundry baskets and 3 of those wheel-y boxes that could not fit in.

My clever hubby came up with a solution.  We bought nine cheap bright mini shelf units with an A4 footprint and combined them in a wooden frame secured to the wall to create a storage built-in with bright shelv es of just the right size to hold my fabrics.  I have been able to organise the fabrics by colour, type and useage and now have a dream wall you can sit in front of and find fabrics in minutes.  Plus we created some extra alcoves just right for rolls of fabric and interacing, and its right next to both my desk light and the window to get easy viewing day or night.

A bonus was I actually cleaned out the fabrics I no longer wanted and found many fat quarters I did not know I had.

It was an easy, inexpensive and quick fix to this fabric challenge.  I am in fabric heaven.

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