Monday, April 13, 2015

Fast Fun DIY Project - Doodle Your Slippers

As the weather here in Brisbane heads towards winter, I have been searching for some new slippers.  But so many in the store feel dull and mumsy. So I decided to create my own and I am really pleased with the results.

My slippers are actually just a pair of cheap slip on canvas ones from Kmart (RRP $5).  I decided to dress them up with a little bit of zen doodling.  This was really fun.  This type of doodling works best when not really planned and to do the doodling I just used a couple of sized Sharpie pens which are permanent and nice and non-bleed on the canvas.


After creating the doodle, I added a little bit of colour.  I used some fabric markers I got from Ikea (again they were very cheap).  The best part of this project is the pens are still ready of use on a future pair of shoes and after this first attempt I reckon there are lots of wonderful designs I could do next time.

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