Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Fine Felt Friends

Welcome to the world of my fine felt friends. 

Imagine a wonderful play land with vibrant colours and fun friends to play.  I have imagined this idea ever since I was a child. The play land has evolved over time but the concept has been inside me for a long time. 

Now I have turned this idea into a reality using my crafting skills.

The dolls are created by me and made by hand. They are designed to be simple, fairly androgynous, and ageless. Their clothing is designed specifically to be clean and simple while still being able to be altered a little to each dolls personality. I wanted the look of the dolls to be young and without modern trappings. Hair is deliberately a little wild but also fun. These characters are not about being fashionable or caught up in consumerist circles but rather to be without pretensions. 

The dolls and their world have been designed to made from easily recognisable parts so that people can easily identify the makings of the world so it is familiar. The world itself is inspired by children's stories and fairy-tales from your childhood but it is not a copy just an echo of these things.

All the parts are designed to be posed, even the plants. I want a world that can change and be added to. The world I have created for them is equally all made by hand.

This is just the beginning of a place I want to explore with my art.

I played with some photos and then turned the images into some interesting items at Redbubble. The possibilities are now all presenting themselves to me.


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