Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Felt Insect Sculptures and my new venture Crafty Bug Lady


I have always loved insects.  They are endlessly variable and fascinating.  They inhabit our space but its like we are landscape to them. I have become obsessed with constructing giant bug soft sculptures out of wool felt hand-stitched over an armature.

The results have been really pleasing to date.  I have so far made three giant Brown Ants, a Huntsman Spider and a Redback Spider, a Praying Mantis and a Honey Bee. All are far larger than actual size and while not completely accurate are quite life-like and also able to be posed because of their construction.

I decided to create a business around these lovely creatures called Crafty Bug Lady.  Its only brand new but I have set up a Madeit store for the finished insects, and have been turning their photos into Spoonflower fabrics. I have also set up a new blog to discuss the mechanics of setting up a craft micro-business given this process can be a challenge and writing from the beginning means I capture a lot of the steps. 

If you are interested my blog is over here:

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