Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paper, Paper, Paper

I have spent time recently creating art collages in an attempt to discover the perfect decoration for a bag. The journey has been consuming me over the last few months, hence the break in blogging. But now I want to start recording techniques and things I have found out about my new passion. So coming soon to this space will be a discussion, starting with TRANSFER TAPE:

This is a fabulous technique and so easy. Take a piece of clear packing tape, a rectangle of good clear contact, or even some quick laminate. Adhere to the picture you would like transferred (photocopy, colour copy, picture from magazine or newspaper) and rub to stick down really well. Now take the covered picture and immerse in hot water for about 5 minutes. The paper will be wet through. Use your finger to rub the paper surface and it will start to ball away from the tape leaving an impression on the tape surface. This impression will be transparent and great for all sorts of uses: turn into stickers, adhere to vellum, stick to another copy of the image for a ghosting effect, as a faux movie cell effect,... the possibilities are endless.

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