Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday by the Lake

We had the sixth birthday party for my daughter on Saturday. We had the party at a park on Lake Samsonvale. Despite the overcast conditions and threat of rain, we had a wonderful afternoon and my daughter loved her cake - a Barbie inspired Dolly Varden.


Melanie said...

oh oh I had a cake like that when I was very little and my mum made it for me. I bet your daughter will remember it just like I do a loooong time from now:)

Hot Fudge said...

It was our grandson's sixth birthday last Monday and we had a mini party for him at home yesterday. Nothing as fantastic as your beautiful cake, sadly. I ran out of time and then the cake shop was shut, so we ended up with something from the supermarket which may have been a chocolate ladybird cake - or maybe it was a cockroach. Anyway, it all went down well. Happy birthday to your daughter!

Sharlene said...

Oh, a possible cockroach cake. That could also be fun. My duaghter actually told me I could have left out Barbie and just had a Volcano Cake.