Saturday, May 12, 2012

Craft tutorial - bunting from recycled table cloth

This bunting is a wonderful way to recycle an old embroidered tablecloth that may have seen better days but still has some lovely embroidery that is worthwhile keeping.

To make this recycled tablecloth bunting, you will need:

  • an old embroidered tablecloth (tea stains are fine - it adds to the patina)
  • some backing fabric (I have recycled an old child's bed sheet)
  • matching thread
  • some old buttons in various shades of white (32 assorted buttons)
  • 6 metres bias tape in matching colour (depending on how many bunting flags you make)
  • sewing machine walking foot (optional)
  • chopstick
  • pinking shears (optional)

My tablecloth made 8 flag fronts and my bedsheet made 8 flag backs plus an additional 8 complete bunting flags.

To start, create a template to cut out the bunting flags.  Fold an A4 piece of paper in half longways and draw a line from one corner of paper to the folded point.  This makes a nice size flag.

From the bedsheet, cut 24 flag shapes.  Pin and stitch 16 of the flags right sides together to form 8 plain bunting flags. Use a 1cm seam allowanceThe stitching is easier with a walking foot on your sewing machine as much of the stitching is across the grain. Set aside the remaining 8 flags as backing for those cut from the tablecloth.

From the tablecloth, fussy cut 8 flags focusing on getting as much of the embroidery in an interesting layout on each flag (fussy cutting means lying the template down to work out how the finished flag will look before cutting to maximise the design).

Pin and stitch the 8 tablecloth flags to 8 backing pieces cut earlier, matching right sides together.

Trim around all the edges of the flags.  A pair of pinking sheers gives a nice finish.  Turn each of the 16 completed flags through. A chopstick can assist in getting a neat point.  If you want extra hints on turning through the shapes, see my earlier tutorial on easy turning techniques.

Press the completed 16 bunting flags.  Divide into 2 piles of 8 flags: 4 tablecloth print and 4 backing print.

Cut the bias tape into two 3metre lengths.  On each length of bias tape, space out 8 flags leaving a tieing length at each end.  A space of around 7- 10cm between flags works well.

Pin the 8 flags into position, one plain and one print, by folding the bias tape in half.  Machine stitch in zig zag along length to complete. Repeat for the other length of bunting.

Decorate the top corners of each bunting flag with a hand stitched on button. Hang and enjoy.

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Lizzie said...

I love your tutorial but couldn't find your easy turning techniquic..
Where is it?