Saturday, May 26, 2012

Craft tutorial - Flower pincushion made from recycled doyleys

This project is a way to recycle doyleys (doilies) and is particularly suited to doyleys with lovely embroidery but where the body of the fabric may be a bit old or full of holes as you fussy cut the parts that are worth retaining and the interfacing adds stability to really old fabric.


2 or 3 doyleys (doilies)
light weight iron on interfacing (about 30cm square)
matching sewing thread
Pattern sheet (scale the image below to fit A4 size sheet)
small amount of polyester fill
sharp 2B pencil
chopstick for turning

Scale the pattern sheet to fill an A4 sheet and print out. Use the pattern sheet shapes to transfer 2 flower centres and 10 petal shapes to the non-iron side of the interfacing sheet (I used a bright window to transfer the shapes).  Cut out all the 12 pieces of interfacing.

Press the doyleys and turn to them to their backs.  Pin the 12 interfacing shapes into place on the back of the doyleys trying to retain as much of the embroidery in your positioning as possible.  Iron the iron-on interfacing shapes into position.  Cut out the 12 shapes.

Match the shapes in pairs right sides together: 1 flower centre and 5 petals.  Using a small stitch length stitch around each of the 6 shapes, leaving petals open at the petal base for turning, and leaving a 3cm gap in the flower centre edge for turning.  Turn through the shapes (for help with turning, try my craft tutorial on easy turning techniques).

Press all the shapes.  Stuff the shapes with fill - a tight filling for the centre and the petals with tight stuffing at wide end graduating to less stuffing by the narrow end.  Invisibly ladder stitch closed all stuffing holes using matching thread.

Following the picture guide, tack the five petals together to form a hexagon in the centre. Be sure to choose your favourite side of each petal to be the top. Position the flower centre into position over the top of the petals and pin the petals in place.

Using the picture as a guide, invisibly ladder stitch the petals into position on the back of the flower centre.

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