Thursday, June 7, 2012

Craft tutorial - Humbug denim pencil case from recycled jeans

I wanted to design a project to use the zipper section of old jeans.  I came this humbug pencil case.  It uses the top part of an old pair of jeans and is fast and easy to make. I have decorated the pencil case with belt loops in one seam and a couple of crocheted flowers taken from a recycled bed spread.

Finished size: 17cm long * 14cm wide


Old pair of jeans
decorations for the pencil case (I have used 2 crocheted flowers)
matching sewing thread

Unpick the waist band from your jeans, setting aside 3 belt loops for decoration.  Unpick the top of the jeans side seams to about the crotch level and unpick the inside leg seams up to a point where you can flatten the front to form a flat panel.

Cut a panel from the jeans front 20cm long and 27cm wide, centred over the jean zipper.

Stitch the crotch seam flat and sew up any part of the pockets remaining. 

Stitch on the decorations using zig zag stitch.

Fold the panel in half along the zip.  Fold 3 belt loops in half and tack them to right side of one edge of the panel side furthest from zipper top.

With right sides together, pin and stitch the bottom seam (containing the belt loops) and the side seam of the pencil case. Turn the pencil case through to the right side.

Now, to maintain the zipper opening for use, fold the top of the fly on a diagonal and catch it down using a zig zag stitch (refer to the picture).

Partly open the zipper.  Turn the pencil case back through to the wrong side out.  Pin the top seam together, making sure it's on the opposite angle to the bottom seam.  Stitch together. Neaten inside seams (I used pinking shears).  Turn through the pencil case.  It's ready for use.

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