Sunday, September 9, 2012

Enjoying a Good Life - The story behind my Good Life tablelcoth

This month's issue of Creating Country Threads features my tablecloth pattern - 'The Good Life'.  I thought I would share the story behind this simple tablecloth featuring stitched birds, that share love and coffee.

I have always loved the retro classic TV series "The Good Life" about Tom and Barbara giving up the shackles of modern living and creating a self sustaining paradise for themselves right in the suburbs.

The show was in so many ways ahead of its time.  It spoke of disillusionment with consumerism and the daily grind, and seeking fulfillment from sustaining yourself through your own hands. Tom and Barbara faced many challenges in trying to achieve their dream, but ultimately they were happier than all those that surrounded them. The shows opening credits featured a bird.

Like many people in our uncertain world, I am seeking the basics of a satisfied life.  Epicurus the philosopher says that happiness is friendship, freedom and an analysed life.

 I wanted to channel some of that positive energy about simple pleasures in a simple craft project - friendship, spending time thinking while enjoying coffee, and the freedom of choosing to do these things.  The design seemed a natural progression of this desire.

It is simple and easy to achieve as a craft project, but if you do make this tablecloth, I hope you will spend a few minutes thinking on the inspiration.

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