Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chummy Doll inspired by Call the Midwife

I recently made a soft country doll called Chummy after seeing the wonderful program Call the Midwife.  The editor of Country Threads liked her so much, she featured her on the cover of this month's Country Threads magazine.

The doll was made from cotton, with a coat I am very pleased with made of felt. The look is demure but approachable which I think lends itself to the character of Chummy.


Call the Midwife is a TV series based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth set in east London in the 1950s, about a group of young midwives helping the women of a deprived area of East London.  The characters are hard-working and brave. 

The character of Chummy,Camilla Cholmeley-Browne, is my favourite. She is the daughter of a well-off family who has found her way into nursing and midwifery. She is  good-humoured and monumentally kind and a real role model.  She is played to perfection by talented actress and comedian Miranda Hart. 

I thought a doll based on such a wonderful role-model made perfect sense.

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