Sunday, September 15, 2013

Button Mushroom Soup Pleasure

I am very pleased to receive this months Country Threads (Vol 14 No 6) because it features a personal milestone for me - my 51st article. 


Its so nice to pass 50 articles because up to now I have only been thinking of myself as a dabbler in writing but now with 50 projects under my belt I am beginning to feel like I am getting better at it.


The button mushroom soup project is one I loved making.  I am always fascinated by mushrooms and fungi and they are a wonderful shape to stitch. 

The buttons I used for this project were vintage weathered ones I found in the bottom of my grandmothers button box.  This project really seemed to suit using these charming character filled fasteners.

Since having this magazine come out I have had some wonderful conversations with other stitchers who have made up the project and they shared their love of mushrooms with me.  My favourite was using one of the stitchery panels as the front of a tote, combined with edges and back in a great mushroom fabric print.  Its great to see alternative uses for stitchery patterns and I think the make would be a fantastic market carry bag.


I thank Joy of Rockhampton for this wonderful variation. 

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