Saturday, March 21, 2015

Telling a Story through Fantasy Paper Dolls


Images tell a thousand words as the old saying goes. I like the idea of paper dolls - images created on paper - telling a story, but even better, a story that can be enacted.  With this is in mind I have been dabbling in some new paper doll designs featuring a girl and her pet, but with a twist.  The girl is a fantasy figure with shape and texture inspired by fabulous and unreal places, other worlds and scapes of dreams.  Their pets are unique mash-ups.

The first pair of figures I have created are around a story of a girl who wants to own a dog.  Except the do is a fish dog.  I wonder what her mum will say to this pet.

The second pair is a warrior and her transport or possibly just best friend - a Robochicken. Will they be adventurers or saviours.

I have tried to inspire your imagination to wander when you see these characters.  They could lead you to all sorts of fantastic stories.

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