Saturday, April 18, 2015

Trying out Bookbinding


I have been thinking about how to store my paper dolls and the idea came to me to make a custom book for storage.  So I have been doing some experiments in bookbinding.  It seems like a really more-ish craft. The results are fast to achieve and look nice.  For my first attempt used some old embroidery samplers I had worked and decided on an accordian style book.  I interfaced the linen samplers and glued them to box board.  I added some folded pages and the result worked well although the paper weight I used was a little too light.

For my paper dolls I am going to adapt an accordian fold to include built in pockets and on the front and back covers work an appliqued paper doll figure.  The accordian style works well since there is no front of back cover.  Stay tuned for how this one turns out.



paperpest said...

I think that is a terrific way to store the paper dolls.

Sharlene said...

Thanks.I hope it will be awesome.

A Dd said...

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