Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show 2009

I went to the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show yesterday and came away so inspired. This is the best show I have been to in a decade. The show was so fresh and fun and as you can see from the pix, I got some fantastic stuff.
Here are some of the highlights for me: The incubator section obviously, this is so full of fun talent and I am only slightly biased because of the significant Brisstyle presence there (hello to Ruby to GoGo, Trishalan Designs, and Scampsville, as well as Made by Miffy and Helen from Ruby to GoGo doing an interview on centre stage). I absolutely fell in love with Kristen Doran's great robots and Babushkas, and I had to pick up my Mixtape magazine subscription. I loved the Biddy Bags from Samantha,and I really enjoyed Creative Arty Facts stall.

I was so inspired by the parades as well particularly the clothing upcycling and the skills of the BurdaStyle team. I have got to check out their site now.

I loved the art throughout the space - the giant knitting needles with fish net knit, the artificially turfed table and chairs, and especially the selvedge arts all were wonderful. I so wish I had my camera there.

I came away from the tired and inspired and went straight home to create, so stay tuned for where that will lead. But if you get a chance over the next couple of days, you must inspire yourself with a dose of the Brisbane Stitches and Craft show.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bubbly Babes

My daughter has been wanting a paper doll that is easy for here to make clothes for. I have also been fascinated by the Bubble Head characters around now. Together these to ideas became these new Bubble Babe Paper Dolls. I haven't finished all the details yet, but the doll has a simple body form with two interchangeable heads (one blonde and the other brunette). I have also come up with a selection of patterns to create your own fashions for the dolls. My daughter and I came up with girly dresses and funky jeans, cool boots and lots of bling. There are so many options you can create. We like 'em. Now all I have to do is finish the packaging!

Friday, April 17, 2009

So Very Wet This Weather

Over the Easter long weekend the North Pine Dam rose from around 51% capacity to over 71% in the four days. We have been so very wet here over the holiday long weekend and so the boredom set in. Here are pics of water, and what being stuck inside creates.

At least the bad weather gives you a chance to craft and to update the photo collection for my paper doll work.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lazy Easter Days

Four days off. How great to have family time, fun time, craft time. Eggs everywhere, I get a chance to play with some Robomen! They are a mixture of collage, paint, ink, and use the face designs from my male paper doll set - all inspired by Doctor Who.

I have also fiddled with some more babushka dolls. I am thinking of building them a special house. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Egg Stories

One of my work mates is a real Mother Hen and she owns the chooks to prove it. Here are her lovely home made eggs for sale. The chooks are spoilt rotton, the eggs are super fresh and they come in decorated boxes with stories about the gals. The only thing she is missing is a chandeleir for the chook shed, and this is due shortly. I am just grateful to enjoy the cackleberries as my gran calls them.

But I do have to share a scary egg story between Mother Hen (MH)and the Blonde Waif BW) at work:

BW: "How do I get chicks from these (packaged) eggs?"
MH: "You can't. I don't have a rooster".
BW: "What do you need the the rooster for?"
MH: " Well a mummy chook and a daddy chook who love each other very much...."
BW: "Wow, I didn't know roosters had willies!"

and now on that note here are the blocks I have been playing with recently.

The blocks are recycled kids wooden blocks from the op-shop and the images are collaged from old kids story books. The only new thing is the glue and varnish.

And they are even fun to play with