Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sphinx made out of Recyled Cardboard


Yesterday, inspired by an Instructables idea I saw, I made an ancient Egyptian style sphinx out of recycled cardboard boxes. This project was a bit of a challenge.  It ended up being about 1 metre long and abut 1/2 metre tall.
I made it out of 46 layers of cardboard, recycled from boxes like shipping cartons. To create the design, I worked in layers.  I started at the nose level and then drew the sections upward first, ad then down.
The project was relatively fast (less than a day) and very cost effective (just recycled cardboard and PVA glue to join the layers at the end).  The only thing was the sore arm you get from such a lot of cutting cardboard.
But the effect is nice - a bit like layers of weathered stone.