Monday, January 26, 2009

Now My Dollies Can Be Happy

After going to the Lifeline Bookfest I had a collection of vintage kids fairy tale books and I recently bought a second-hand cabinet to store my (or possibly my daughters) doll collection. An idea formed. What my vintage cabinet needed was some lovely fairy tale art to get in the mood for the dolls. I cut and decoupaged a collection of images on the inside of the cabinet. The dolls look on enviously. They cannot wait to move in.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long Long Ago ...

I have loved Star Wars since I was 7 years old and saw the first movie (at that time) at the movies. I can remember my sister and I dressed up in our finest matching dresses with orange swirls and our Avon Cosmetics animal necklaces we had got for Christmas. The movie made me fall in love with Science Fiction movies for ever.

Now my daughter is old enough to enjoy Star Wars as well and we have been watching the movies over and over.

My favourite Princess has now crept into my paper dolls. The memories just keep coming.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Delights of the Bookfest Revealed

After the feast of the book I have been recovering from over the last few days, it is time to reveal some of the fantastic finds I made at the Lifeline Bookfest on Saturday. As you can see my dining table is groaning form the bag loads of fantastic treats. I got more than 150 magazine on craft, sewing and dolls. I have enough paperbacks to last several months on train rides, and I captured an enormous pile of pop-up kids books (one of my passions).

The biggest thing I got was a kid's book containing a 1.2m long pop-up space shuttle, the weirdest a wonderful wooden book containing handmade blank sheets of paper, and the most frightening - a paper doll of Barbara Bush (George W's mum) in her undies (this is not pictured because some things are best not experienced).

The prices were as always amazing. With kid's books at 4 for $1.00, I managed to grab lots of decoupage materials - and I've just started applying the first of the fairy tale book images to my new dolly cupboard (more to come next time).

If you haven't been you've still got until Sunday. Who knows I may even go back!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

At Last - the Lifeline Bookfest is on Again!

I am so excited! The Lifeline Bookfest is finally here again and my bookshelves are almost hanging the front door waiting for the new recruits.

The book lust is an incredible thing. There is much anticipation - what will we find, will there be the things missing from my collection, will we need to beat old ladies to get to the bargains!

Stay tuned for shots of the finds.


What: The universe’s largest second-hand booksale, now in its 19th year.

Why: The Lifeline Bookfest raises much-needed funds for Lifeline Brisbane's free 24-hour Crisis Counselling Telephone Line, free face-to-face counselling services, and support programs for women, children and families.

When: January 17-25, 2009

8am-8pm January 17-18; 24

9am-5pm January19-23; 25

Where: The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Merivale St, South Brisbane

Check out the website:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dancing Queens

I really loved the advert of the late Eighties/early Nineties of the Swan lake dancers eating Smiths Chips. The dancers were delicate, poised, demure images - who then chomped in crisps and burst the bag!

The ads were unforgetable. They have influenced my love of dance and and now have sprung up in my new paper dolls.

The dolls I want to create are traditional in general image but rendered in non-traditional colours and patterns in paper.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Amazing Generosity of Online Friends

Today I arrived home and opened a package sent from a wonderful lady called Sharon I met online. Sharon is from the ABC Doll Club and she had sent me the most beautiful gift for Christmas (curse Australia Post in their slowness). The gift contained a fabulous Barbie T and cap (already snaffled by my daughter), some yummy clothes as modeled by one of my preloved Barbie finds, and finally the most radiant and stunning Barbie resplendent in pale blue satin with a Wintery treat stole. I was gobsmacked and speechless when I received this gift, particularly as Sharon had been so kind to me already. You see, I met Sharon through the marvelous ABC Doll Club: Website , because I was seeking help with a hairy question: how do you fix the hair of preloved dolls who are having a bad hair day. I wanted to rescue old Barbies and make them like new again but this meant fixing cut, matted and missing hair. I contacted the Doll Hospital only to be told that it is not worth fixing hair, its better to replace heads (how painful). I explored online and came across the ABC doll Site. It was so helpful. They have links and information on re rooting doll hair as well as lots of hint and tips, galleries, and so much more. Through the club site I found a local lady to get the equipment to do the reroot and I used the tutorials available though the ABC Doll site to complete the task. I was stoked at the two dolls I did. The pictures are in one of my older posts. I let Sharon know how helpful the site was. I got involved in the online forums which are full of insightful not to mention entertaining doll chat. And now Sharon has just sent me this wonderful gift. I am humbled by the generosity and caring natures of our great online community. Sharon, I am sending some of my paper dolls your way. I hope you like them half as much as I love your gift.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Welcome to the New Year. I hope your holidays were fabulous. For me I finally had time to play with a few ideas.

For a new year I have been working on a new range of dolls. The design is pure Babushka but with a twist - arms to move and a reversible handbag to shop with. The faces are slightly different as she is more about folk style.

Babushka's have been everywhere recently, and I thought it was time to develop my own. But because I have been watching a lot of Married With Children over the holidays they have developed a Peggy Bundy-esque feel. And because Peggy could shop at the Olympic level I felt a reversible removable handbag was necessary
Don't you love the creative process and where it takes you.
Can't wait for the next one to appear.