Sunday, April 26, 2015

Building a Recycled House (Book) can be wonderful

 If life is made up of moments, then a journal is designed to capture moments and keep them in a special place.  I wanted to create a special journal for just that purpose and I have been learning how to do basic bookbinding with this in mind.  This is my house accordion fold journal note book.

To make it, I used around 85% recycled materials.  I used box board and some papers from Reverse Garbage.  Some of the other card and paper I got from unwanted old stationery at local offices.  I got hold of some artist canvas offcuts from a painter and swapped some felt offcuts.  I even recycled the elastic packaging from shoes to secure the book.

To make the book, I first created the panorama for the house skyline that forms the pages.  Each house is a little different to match real streets and each has a little bit of a different character.

I uses a mix of plain and lined sections on each page so you could draw or write or stamp to capture thoughts.

I made the covers from box board which I covered in fabric that I had first appliqued with little houses.
I am really pleased with the result.  It doesn't have a front or back, just two covers.  You can add thoughts to it randomly and it opens flat which is wonderful for left handers like me.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Trying out Bookbinding


I have been thinking about how to store my paper dolls and the idea came to me to make a custom book for storage.  So I have been doing some experiments in bookbinding.  It seems like a really more-ish craft. The results are fast to achieve and look nice.  For my first attempt used some old embroidery samplers I had worked and decided on an accordian style book.  I interfaced the linen samplers and glued them to box board.  I added some folded pages and the result worked well although the paper weight I used was a little too light.

For my paper dolls I am going to adapt an accordian fold to include built in pockets and on the front and back covers work an appliqued paper doll figure.  The accordian style works well since there is no front of back cover.  Stay tuned for how this one turns out.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Fast Fun DIY Project - Doodle Your Slippers

As the weather here in Brisbane heads towards winter, I have been searching for some new slippers.  But so many in the store feel dull and mumsy. So I decided to create my own and I am really pleased with the results.

My slippers are actually just a pair of cheap slip on canvas ones from Kmart (RRP $5).  I decided to dress them up with a little bit of zen doodling.  This was really fun.  This type of doodling works best when not really planned and to do the doodling I just used a couple of sized Sharpie pens which are permanent and nice and non-bleed on the canvas.


After creating the doodle, I added a little bit of colour.  I used some fabric markers I got from Ikea (again they were very cheap).  The best part of this project is the pens are still ready of use on a future pair of shoes and after this first attempt I reckon there are lots of wonderful designs I could do next time.