Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oven Mitt Fashionista

I am not fond of time spent in my kitchen.  Anything that can make it more fun for me is a welcome distraction. 

Recently I wanted a new oven mitt to replace the threadbare one I have used for over a decade.  I went searching in the stores and they were all cheap and thin.  That wasn't going to protect my delicate little pinkies!

Then I remembered I AM A SEWER.  Why not create my own.  And if I am going to do it right, why not create an oven mitt with attitude.  This is the results - a horror movie print wonder.
I love it and its strangely in keeping with the level of skills I show in the kitchen. 


I liked it so much I have just finished one for my mum for my birthday featuring her favourite Egyptian theme. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Craft Tutorial - Felt Flower Pincushion Biscornu


I created this simple felt flower pincushion as a wonderful way to enjoy lovely tools while sewing.  Pincushions are so useful and a pretty one can make your creating day brighter.


  • 1 A4 sheet cream felt
  • small piece of pale purple felt
  • small scrap of pale pink felt
  • matching embroidery thread in pink, purple and cream
  • 10cm square fusible webbing
  • polyester filling

Size: 10.5 cm square

To make:
  •  Print out the flower template at full size.  
  • Use the printout to trace a flower shape and a centre shape onto the paper side of the fusible webbing. Roughly cut out the two shapes (not on the pencil lines).
  • Iron the flower shape onto the pale purple felt. Cut neatly around shape on the pencil line with sharp scissors.
  • Iron the centre shape onto the pale pink felt. Cut neatly around shape on the pencil line with sharp scissors.
  • Cut out two 10.5cm squares from the cream felt.
  • Iron the flower shape onto the  middle of one cream square. Iron the centre into the middle of the flower.
  • Outline the flower and the centre in blanket stitch using two strands of matching embroidery thread.
  • Stitch together the biscornu shape: mark a pin mark half way along one edge of each of the cream squares. Match the pin mark on the flower top square with the corner of the other square and pin the square together on this seam. At the corner, pivot fabric and pin for second side seam. 
  • Work progressively around the side seams with a line of blanket stitch in two strands of matching embroidery thread. There will be 8 sides in total.  Stitch seven of the sides and leave final side open for filling.
  • Fill the shape to the required level.
  • Blanket stitch the filling hole closed.