Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mr and Mrs Smith and lots of Bees - Doctor who inspirations in craft


I have been enjoying the 50th anniversary year of Dr Who this year, and have been inspired in my crafting by this classic British Sci Fi TV show.

Examples of my inspiration now feature on this month's Patchwork and Stitching Magazine and Country Threads Magazine.

The wonderful relationship of the Doctor and Dr Song was very inspiring to watch.   I couldn't help myself.  These characters crept inside my softies in Patchwork ans Stitching Vol 14 No 6.  The cool hair was especially worth capturing in felt and fabric. They are heavily stylised and really don't look much like the originals but the quirkiness is hopefully still there.

 Little mini pillow softies are a great thing to snuggle into bed with so maybe these guys would appeal to your need to create.

The episode arc in Series 4 of the new Who where the question of what happened to all the bees kept playing through my head. I felt this was actually a real thing - bees do seem to be disappearing in the cities.

I felt a project celebrating this clever and hard working insect was worthwhile.  So this months Country Threads Vol 14 no 5 features a beehive overgrown with flowers and swarming with bees.  This is one of my recent favourite makes. It also celebrates my glorious found pets - a native bee hive living in some old ceramic art in my front garden.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Interesting sites snapped while walking

I love having a camera built into my phone.  Its a new thing for me and is so handy for those instant must have shots of things you see everyday worth recording.

Here are some of the nice sites I have seen recently:

The Pelican Fountain at Southbank

Wildlife enjoying winter sun

Crystal tree growing

Industrious spiders enjoying my yard

Cooking fun

Stunning fungi after rain