Saturday, March 31, 2012

Craft idea - The Houses where the ATC's Live

I have finally got around to taking some photos of my Artist Trading Card (ATC) collection and the houses where I keep them.  I'll post the ATC's another time.

This is the two houses I made for storage.  I have named the houses the Bath House and Bunny Cottage.

Bunny Cottage was made from bits of packaging around a new stove (the side supports on the packaging make a great roof.  I collaged the cottage using images from an old op-shop Peter Rabbit book (amongst other things).  I especially love the rabbit and cat on the roof.

The Bath House is really based around the idea of the old fashioned beach side change huts.  I included pictured from some old story books, some stamps and lovely Tim Holtz tape on the sides.  The jewels on the corners serve two functions.  They are nice and shiny, and they also weigh the roof down to keep it in place.

My ATC's live happily in their little houses and there is plenty of room for expansion.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Place Called Home in Creating Country Threads Vol 12 No 10

This months Creating Country Threads Vol 12 No 10 features my stitchery "A Place to Call Home". 

The stitchery was inspired for me by the Vera Lynn wartime classic "White Cliffs of Dover".  I thought about the feeling of returning home after a long absence, and about the emotions coming home brings up in you. 

I wanted to design a country scene for a traveller (my stitched bird) to be coming home after a long time away.  He is looking at the house with a mixture of love and seeing what has changed since last he has seen it.  I set the stitchery in Australia and coming home in Summer, the sound and the swirl of insects especially cicadas and dragonflies.
I hope you enjoy making this stitchery, as it was so special to make.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mushrooms and Candy Hearts

I have been working on a couple of completely different projects at the moment and both are coming along well.  I have been developing a mushroom and button table runner in country mutes at one end of the spectrum.  And just to be completely different, I am also developing some softies in candy heart colours.  At least I am balancing my sewing "food" diet.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lurking under the house

Look at the lovely biscuit boxes, and containers I found today under my grans house while cleaning out.  I particularly love the blue ware looking biscuit box.

And just to prove I have still be doing a little stitching, here are some new projects underway.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My first Country Doll

I wanted to share my first and I think favourite country doll.  I made her early in 2011 and she was the first doll I designed in full.  I love her simple colour and dress.


The red head was her sister, after reworking the pattern slightly.